November 30, 2022

Totem Falls Appreciates Teachers and Staff

Not sure what to give your teacher? You can print out this thank you note coloring page and have your child color it in.

Search for your teacher or staff member to find their list of favorite things. Don’t forget your assigned specialist for your class.

First NameLast NameCurrent AssignmentClassroomFavorite ThingsSupply List
Lori Ackerman 3rd 13 ackerman-lori.pdf supplies-ackerman-lori.pdf
Bethanie Aguiling Preschool 3 aguiling-bethanie_1.pdf supplies-aguiling-bethanie.pdf
Amy Anderson Para-Resource 22 anderson-amy.pdf
Annalisa Anderson Intensive Support 4 brewster-annalisa.pdf
Kimberly Anderson Para-Preschool please_ask_teacher.pdf
Jenifer Apgar Para-Preschool 1 apgar-jenifer_1.pdf
Michelle Bartelheimer 5th 17 bartelheimer-michelle.pdf supplies-bartelheimer-michelle.pdf
Christine Beatty Para-Anderson 4 beatty-christine.pdf
Tiffany Bidne Admin Assistant bidne-tiffany.pdf
Jennifer Bihary Para-Preschool 2 and 3 bihary-jennifer.pdf
Kelli Binek Kindy 6 binek-kelli.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Melinda Bonner 6th 19 bonner-melinda.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Kristin Botuchis Para-McDonald 4 botuchis-kristin.pdf
Nicole Bourland 4th 23 bourland-nicole.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
EmilyAnne Bray SLP bray-emily.pdf
Danielle Carlson Overload K Music / PE Portable 1 carlson-danielle_1.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Jeremy Carter PE Gym carter-jeremy.pdf
Alison Challender 2nd 16 challender-alison.pdf supplies-challender-alison.pdf
Amy Chase Kindergarten
Madhulika Chaudhary Para-McDonald 5 chaudhary-madhulika.pdf
Craig Church Principal church-craig.pdf
Lori Cordova 5th 22 cordova-lori.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Monica Cornish Intensive Support 5 cornish-monica.pdf
Regina Daly Para-Anderson daly-regina.pdf
Emily Dittoe SLP
Tonya Doman LAP Eagle Conference Room doman-tanya.pdf
Lanna Duncan Counselor duncan-lanna.pdf
Cynthia Foster 3rd 14 foster-cynthia.pdf supplies-foster-cynthia.pdf
Carmen Gagnon Para-Pre 2 and 3 gagnon-carmen.pdf
Debra Gatty Para-Cornish 5 gatty-debra.pdf
Barbara Geer Para-Anderson 4 geer-barbara.pdf
Shari Glover Resource P4 glover-shari.pdf
Michelle Goodwin Para-Cornish goodwin-michelle.pdf
Denette Hill 1st 10 hill-denette.pdf supplies-hill-denette.pdf
Chloe Holt Para-Anderson 4 holt-chloe.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Larisa Hurtado 6th 21 hurtado-larisa.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Erin Ivankovich Para-McDonald ivankovich-erin.pdf
Halle Jacques Preschool-LT sub
Janice Johnson SLP johnson-janice.pdf
Kris Johnson 4/5/6 hi-cap 20 johnson-kris.pdf supplies-johnson-kris.pdf
Jennifer Jordan Main Office Secretary jordan-jenny.pdf
First Name Last Name Current Assignment Classroom
Rose Ledford Recess portable 7 ledford-rose.pdf
Katherine Lickey School Psychologist
Desirée Lothyan Para-McDonald/ELL lothyan-desiree_1.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Haley McDonald Extended Learning Support portable 3 mcdonald-haley.pdf
Katherine McKenzie Para-Library/Recess library mckenzie-kati.pdf
Sarah McLatchy 1st 11 mclatchy-sarah.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Kathleen Mearns Kitchen Lead
Mary Mellis Nurse Nurse's Office mellis-mary.pdf
Jennifer Melton 1st
Emily Muniz Preschool 1 muniz-emily.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Amanda Ng Ptherapy please_ask_teacher.pdf
Heather Nichols Health Room Health Room nichols-heather.pdf
Patricia Noggle Para-Pre 3 noggle-patty.pdf
Heidi Pankratz Para-Cornish 5 pankratz-heidi.pdf
Maria Pena Kitchen Kitchen pena-maria.pdf
Jodie Ramsdell Para-Pre 1 ramsdell-jodie.pdf
Colleen Rentko Preschool 2 rentko-colleen.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Vickie Ritter Para-Resource 22 ritter-vickie.pdf
Amy Rogers Library library rogers-amy.pdf supplies-rogers-amy.pdf
Brittany Rudd Para-Cornish
Liz Ruiz Para-Anderson ruiz-liz.pdf
Amy Seelhoff 5th-long term Cordova
Tamara Skeen 2nd skeen-tamara.pdf supplies-skeen-tamara.pdf
Mary Smith 4th 24 smith-mary.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Wendy Stewart 3rd 15 stewart-wendy.pdf supplies-stewart-wendy.pdf
Marc Stoffer Para-Anderson stoffer-marc.pdf
Patricia Stromerson Para-Recess portable 7 stromerson-patty.pdf
Stephanie Thurston Music Portable 2 thurston-stephanie.pdf please_ask_teacher.pdf
Kristen Turner Otherapy portable 8 turner-kristie.pdf
Andy Ubert Swing shift Custodian
Randal Wheeler Day Custodian wheeler-randal.pdf
Vanessa Williams 2nd 18 williams-vanessa.pdf supplies-williams-vanessa.pdf
Katie Wilson Kindy 8 wilson-katie.pdf supplies-wilson-katie.pdf
Tamar Wilson Library library wilson-tamar.pdf supplies-wilson-tamar.pdf
Michaella Wunderlich Para OT/PT portable 8 wunderlich-michaella.pdf