January 27, 2021

Staff Appreciation Week

It’s here!  Staff Appreciation Week begins TODAY!  We have boxes set up in the front of the school from 9-5pm if you and/or your student(s) would like to relay your appreciation, support and love for your teachers and staff!  (Non-teacher staff letters/drawings can be placed in either box.). These will be given to staff as soon as possible so they can all feel the love from their TF community! (No perishables, please) ❤️

Thank you so much!!

To honor our teachers, we are giving the opportunity to our Totem Falls students to write a letter for their teacher. It can be a letter or picture. Whatever your child would like to do to honor their teacher!

Bins will be set out next week May 4-8th in front of the school from 9am-5pm each day. You may drop your letters off in the bins at any time during those hours. We will collect them and distribute them to your student’s amazing teacher. You are also welcome to make cards for any staff members in the school that you would like.​

*This is an optional activity! Sponsored by the Totem Falls PTO

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