June 13, 2021

Event Calendar

The PTO event calendar is a Google-based calendar that is openly accessible for you to integrate with your desktop computer or mobile device calendars(s) such as Apple’s iCal, Android’s Calendar, and Windows Phone.  If you already have a Google account and use Google calendar simply subscribe to the Totem Falls PTO calendar by following these steps:

  1. Copy this address:   tfptoeventcalendar@gmail.com
  2. Open up your Google Calendar.
  3. Find ‘Other Calendars’ in side bar and paste address in the field below it which says “Add a Friends’s Calendar”
  4. Press ‘Enter’ and you’re done!

Other Calendar link variations you may need (advanced integration):

If you’re not yet syncing with your Google Calendar and want to, find your platform or device below for instructions.

Apple iCal


Android Calendar


Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone 8




Mozilla Lightning(Thunderbird) / Sunbird